Hare Point to Tenedos Bay

Eggs, cheese its and macadamia chocolate from Maui for breakfast. Perfect.
We decided to leave our tent and paddle with a much lighter kayak to Tenedos Bay. After all, with this view how could we not keep our Sound Front property?!

Because of our late bedtime we got a late start and heard from kayakers who came from the Curme islands this morning that it was white cap conditions for them. We decided to skip the Curme islands this time around.
It’s a long haul to Tenedos Bay but we made it! Desolation bay is gorgeous so the paddle was worth it!

At Tenedos we got water from the stream (double purified with steripen and life saver bottle) and cooked ourselves some lunch (Mac and cheese! Nummy after a long paddle).

We then paddled back, landing with the sun still shining for drying our stuff.

While we were paddling Alex made a funny. “Our kayak’s rear wheel drive!”. Har har har, because his strokes are so much more powerful than mine.

And this time we could see our campsite when we landed (and it was all set up of course too).

This second night we had the point to ourselves, yay! It’s nice to see other kayakers and get info from them but it’s also nice to change your clothes outside when coming back sopping wet, and nice to not worry about noise (us being too loud or them).

We ate a really good dinner by Good To Go. Made in the USA (Maine), all natural, delicious, and will ultimately save us money because that and a snack gets us both, compared to needing two mountain houses, and that leads to less water usage as well.

My awesome husband also brought dried Neapolitan ice cream again.

If you’re headed to this area don’t forget to download the campsite maps (linked in the last post – Seattle to Desolation Sound) and look up the freshwater sources if you rely on this like we do (our 15′ tandem with one hatch doesn’t allow for much storage outside of our tent and sleeping bags).

Also, don’t forget you backcountry permit! They actually do check. We met Josh, a very nice young park ranger (who thankfully stayed nice because we had our paperwork in order 😊).


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