Feather Cove, Sarah Point, and Grace Harbour

While we were loading the kayak we saw a snake! So cute. A couple feet long at most, skinny, black, with a yellow stripe down its middle (the long way).

The only pests we had to contend with were yellow jackets during meals (besides the usual mosquitos). We didn’t see any larger animals, besides seals of course (a couple really liked to play in front of our rocky beach) and Eagles (which we saw bring a big fish onto the island across from us).
Oh and when a spider tried taking me out! I had put clothes and a quick dry towel on our clothesline and grabbed the towel to dry myself off before changing after kayaking. I didn’t shake the towel off and dried my back. I felt something on my bare back but thought it was just a hair. Then I felt something on my elbow and looked to find a large spider! I screamed and smacked it off (while simultaneously trying not to touch it). Alex came running over to my scream but I told him I heroically defended myself from the wild beast and was fine now. Needless to say I shook out my clothes before putting them on.
We launched for Feather Cove and landed for a snack and met a couple kayakers. We then checked out around the corner at Sarah’s Point to see the Copeland Islands then ducked back around the corner.

We paddled all the way to Grace Harbour and spent a couple hours between cooking lunch and refilling waters.

Part of our large learning curve of kayaking we underestimated how much water to pack when we didn’t have a freshwater source available. This was our first time doing four days in saltwater and we’ve now learned to prioritize some water space over the extra bag of cheese its (which is not common sense in my mind ;)).

We also took an outdoor shower at Grace Harbour, which felt great.

While paddling back to our campsite and saw a shrimp boat! Ice cream truck for boat owners?

We got back by dinner time from a relaxing enjoyable day.

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