Pancake Paddle: Back to Lake Union



We got lucky, being out of town (London and Norway) for labor day weekend, that Pancake paddle was delayed a weekend so we got to go!


First we got pancakes from the Swedish Club. Then in perfect weather, perfectly stuffed with pancakes, we launched from Northwest Outdoor Center into Lake Union.


There were plenty of other kayaks, SUPs, boats, and planes, but they were easy to avoid today.


We’ve really enjoyed starting to get to know this fun group! TheĀ Pancake Paddlers!

We also really like that they take pictures, with much better cameras than I have, since they took all these photos. Thanks Joseph and Carl for posting the pics!

Fun fact: Alex and I had to paddle back early to get to the Seahawks game so we were paddling so quickly we actually passed a Ride the Ducks boat!


Go Hawks!

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