Last pancake paddle of 2016

I didn’t know it at the time but our last pancake paddle until next summer (which is coming up!) was in November.

In December, having just started my third trimester, the idea of waking up early, hauling the kayak from the back of the backyard to the top of the car, then going down the steep steps to the dock and cleaning my gear at the end of the day lost all appeal.

Kayaking didn’t lose its appeal, that would have been fine! Just the hauling gear part.

November was definitely memorable! We convinced my brother and sister-in-law to come with, not knowing all the events that were taking place. Apparently there was a bazaar going on of some sort at the Swedish club so there was a huuuuge line to get breakfast.

Then we got on the water and it was even more crowded.


Pancake paddle two doubles by Joseph
Photo Credit: Joseph


There were crowds watching us go by, along the sides of the lake and bridge but they hadn’t gathered to watch kayakers.

Pancake paddle crowd by Joseph
Photo Credit: Joseph

It turned out to be the largest race of the year going on at Lake Union for rowers.


Pancake paddle traffic by Carl
Photo Credit: Carl


On top of just trying to be respectful and stay out of their race we were also wary of the limited visibility of rowers going backwards at high speeds. Not the best situation for my brother and sister-in-law who didn’t have much kayaking experience.


Pancake paddle two doubles 2 by Joseph
Photo Credit: Joseph

Notice Alex in a t-shirt in November… that’s because I couldn’t fit in my wetsuit anymore, being six months pregnant, so he gave me his jacket (what a gentleman!).


Pancake paddle group by Joseph
Photo Credit: Joseph

In then end we all survived and had a good time essentially playing water frogger and just enjoying the day.


Pancake paddle route by Carl
Photo Credit: Carl



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