Washington Yacht Club

As we talk about raising kids in the context of kayaking we fully want to have our kids grow up as paddlers. That being said, to maintain our water life we’re wondering if expanding our horizons might help us to paddle or sail into the horizon.

Mostly on a whim we decided to check out the Washington Yacht Club (WYC). They had an open house at the end of summer I checked out.

Unfortunately, since it’s a student club primarily (open to UW alumni – like me and my husband) there were so many students lining up for rides (over an hour wait) on the boats I didn’t get to go

I had more important things to do, like make grape juice from my garden grapes

The club has beginning and advanced classes and starts you on dinghies and can get you up to the big keeler boats (which is what I envision us being on with the dog and two kids and kayaks and possibly fishing rods).

It’s still an idea we want to explore.

Have any other paddlers turned to sailing as another hobby and found it enjoyable / an easy transition?


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