Maui SUP and Sea Turtles

Aloha. Alex and I got to stand up paddle board again in Maui.

Though it had been a while I was able to balance myself on the board easily. The problem was, it was windy! The wind quickly moved me down the beach with only a couple paddle strokes.

I then spent the rest of my paddling time getting back up the beach (slowly, looking for sea turtles) and had to go from standing to my knees in order to battle the wind.

I saw one sea turtle while on the SUP. Later, while on the beach, I saw a large shadow in the water. I passed baby off to grandma and went sprinting out into the waves. A huge sea turtle was swimming past and I got within a few feet of it.

We later went on a short hike to find sea turtles on land. My parents are living part time in Maui now so they know where to find them.


Most of the trip, having a three month old, kept me off the water. I introduced our keiki to the pool and to the beach.

She did fine on the beach as long as I kept us in the shade tent (which also mostly protected her from all the sand).

The SPF shirts worked when out hiking (with an SPF hat) but when on the beach we stripped her down to her diaper because of the heat.

The shade tent had a hard time in the wind. But you do what you’ve got to do to keep the baby from burning (and yourselves).

We went with our friends who have a 10 month old. It was fun to see her play in the sand in water like our 3 month old can’t yet.

To work off our Ululani shave ice we went hiking to the blow hole. It was a little difficult, carrying the kids, but we’ve all hiked enough we were sure enough of our footing (and were careful).



“Mermaid in Training”



“I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” (Monty Python anyone?)




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