Valentines Day Paddle from Red Hook Brewery

Red Hook brewery is closing down their Woodenville location. This reminded me of a trip I never posted about:

On Valentine’s Day in 2015 we decided to do a Red Hook Brewery tour and bring our kayak to paddle there. At first we wanted to park somewhere and paddle along Sammammish River but didn’t know the logistics of where to put in and pull out.

We drove to red hook brewery and parked next door at the village. We parked deep into the parking lot next to the river.

The brewery tour was great, $10/person. Doing that first allows you to paddle off your beer before driving again 🙂


In the back of the parking lot there’s a trail (easy to see next to the shed).


You’ll run into a sign (which will actually be to your right) that points down to the kayak landing.


There’s no dock here so you get a little muddy but it’s completely doable. Also notice the metal shelf for stacking your kayaks! You can even bring a lock to secure your ride. Now that we know about that we’ll try paddling there, rather than driving.


So, after enjoying some beer we launched on Sammamish River, music playing from our little waterproof speaker.


The river was mostly calm and beautiful, noticably easier to paddle on the way back but fairly easy in both directions.

A lovely v-day date.

5 thoughts on “Valentines Day Paddle from Red Hook Brewery

  1. I am trying to find the kayak landing there near Redhook. Did you park at the Redhook lot or the Willows Losge lot? I wasn’t sure what you meant by village. Thanks!


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