Adding $633 to the high cost of raising a child 

Do you know that ridiculous amount that they say it cost to raise a child?

Well, I doubt they included all the extras for adventure children. That lifejacket they will grow out and in a couple years?

Should last a while… I hope

The Patagonia outfit that only lasted for three months?

Already outgrew this outfit!

The travel bassinet, travel nursing pillow, etc.?

How about when you realize the jogging stroller with the big wheels you can take out on the trails takes up the entire trunk of your dream car? (yes, a Subaru Cross Treck with its height clearance that can still parallel park in a busy city, in its shiny blue color, is my dream car).

I can squeeze in a couple other items

Then the price of raising a child goes up, with the XXL rocket box (the Thule Motion XT) you put on top of said dream car.

It’s so purdy… especially with the clouds reflecting off the car… outdoor nerd alert!

I should have taken a picture of how full our car was on our Portland trip, and we weren’t even camping or kayaking. Little people require a lot of stuff! 

We decided on the bigger box, as big as we could fit while keeping our kayak Jcarrier on. Alex liked the silver over the black, so that’s what we bought.

Kind of a pic of the black version

We got a 20% off from the coupon we got at the paddling festival. They also knocked $25 off for a few scratches. Grand total $633 after tax for Kaya’s new toy box.

They helped put it on top of the car but did not install it, that would’ve cost 30 extra dollars and it wasn’t that difficult. Seems to me they could’ve installed it for the price of the box but they seem to run a good business.

Took us 30 min for a 5 min install but he had to move the J carrier over too
While we were waiting Kaya learned to drive
Nice rack!
Nice employee helping us (he wasn’t thrilled when we wanted the other color but he tried to hide it with a smile!)

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