Discovery Park, Pike Place Market, and the Fremont Troll

We came home from Orcas Island on Sunday (which was back to back with our Kantishna, Alaska trip) and on Tuesday had guests! One of my childhood friends (since I was four) came to visit from where she’s working on her math p.h.D in Iowa with her boyfriend (I wrote this run on sentence just to lovingly annoy her grammatical correctness).

We went to Discovery Park, which is so awesome and reminds me why Seattle is such a fun place to live, despite being a larger city.

We followed the loop trail to the road then followed it down to make it more stroller accessible (though its steep going back up the road).

Follow the blue pen parking down the road to stay stroller accessible

You can get accessible driving passes (if there is any parking left) to park near the lighthouse if you have a disability or are a senior citizen or have kids under seven but we wanted to go for the walk.

The waves were much calmer than that time we kayaked from here and got stuck for a while trying to figure out how to launch into waves.

We hung out for a while, talking and watching the surf.

Afterwards we went to the Market because Anna’s boyfriend had to visit the first Starbucks (he may have gone to the one just down the street that had much shorter lines…but was not the original, the day before).

We got food and ate it by the Market with the great water view.

Then to top of their sightseeing bucket list (at least for this two day trip) we stopped by the Fremont Troll (yes, that’s an actual car the sand troll is holding but no, he’s not part of a gang).

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