Dragon Boating! 

Learning to paddle

Our normal pancake paddle meet up group turned into a Dragon boating group for the day! About 20 of us attended a free lesson (which are available to anyone who wants to make it to South Lake Union) with the Seattle Flying Dragons (their website is here).


Dragon Boats at the dock


Unlike kayaking we could not take our almost six month old so we left her with my brother and sister-in-law to walk along the path by Lake Union and paddled.

Dragon boating 1
Photo credit to Joseph

We did the introduction on land (see the first picture) then got in the boats and practiced then raced, all in one lesson! Alex was in a different boat then mine and consistently won (I killed my triceps especially trying to beat him…in a friendly way of course!). We had a lot of fun and got a great workout.

Dragon boating 2
Photo credit to Joseph

Fun facts: Dragon Boating began in China a really long time ago because of a political protestor but is now all around the world and more about fun and competition.

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