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You know when you find a cool post by someone, hit follow, then forget to look at your feed for a while because you can barely keep up with your own posts, then you rediscover them? I’m sure I was excited looking at this blog before but I am again today and wanted to share (of course) a post on kayaking but also to say I really enjoyed checking out a lot of blog posts.

When I see India featured on the news or see pictures of people’s trips this is not usually what I see.

India was never on my kayaking bucket list but it is now!


The natural diversity of India makes it just the perfect place to enjoy different types of adventure sports and activities. Even though adventure activities like paragliding, cannoning and kayaking are relatively new to the Indian masses, they are becoming extremely popular especially amongst the younger generations of adventure enthusiasts. This is especially true for people […]

via Getting Familiar With Some Basic Facts About Enjoying Kayak India — Adventure Fanatic

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