Eclipse with 93% coverage

You know when you’re sad and it rains?

I returned from maternity leave and the sun disappeared.

Okay, a bit of an exaggeration but close enough!

I work in trauma rehab (working with people with neurological disabilities, usually right after their accident / illness) so I have mostly back to back patients where every minute must be billable to insurance. So I was really happy when I showed up to work and saw they shifted the patient treatment times so we would have fifteen minutes to run outside and look at the eclipse (the patients were happy for the viewing too, of those that could make it to the gym with a great view).

I brought two pairs of glasses, only $2 each (I should have bought more and sold them second hand for what they were going for the day before). A small price to pay for our eyeballs! One coworker got hers at the gym that morning (what an awesome incentive to go work out early in the morning).


There was an eerie shadow over everyone (it didn’t help we all wear blue scrubs) as the moon blocked most of the sun but it was still much brighter than I was expecting! The shot below is with my iPhone and what you’d see if you looked without your glasses.

Only 7% of the sun was uncovered!

Like I said, there was a shadow. Also it definitely got colder for a few minutes. But wow the sun is impressively powerful to still have so much brightness and heat when almost completely covered.

Also, just as I forgot to post anything on this blog on August 21st I also forgot to put a post on my Instagram! (linked here if you’re interested)

I’ve got to say I kinda thought I was funny on this one:

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