Birch Bay

We spent Labor Day weekend at Birch Bay. Despite driving north (it’s close to the Washington/Canada border) it was pleasantly warm!

They had a parade! So fun to see the smaller scale parade (versus say the Portland Rose Parade we went to this summer). Instead of fancy floats (which are also fun, no doubt!) they had a kayak on a cart pulled by a dog with a kid throwing candy (the dog and kid looked very happy, no worries).

They definitely had an outdoorsy / cool car theme.

While there we went on a walk through Birch Bay State Park. We found out we could have parked for free on the road next to the beach and instead paid for parking (we forgot our Discovery Pass at the hotel).

We walked to the beach and then through the woods to the marsh overlook.

Got to love brothers…


The sunsets on the beach near our hotel were nice and we walked up and down the beach (though unfortunately the road goes right along it at least at all the parts we walked along) and Kaya got to play with the rocks on the beach in the morning when we had to try to not wake everyone else.


How did we get nine people to Birch Bay you ask? In a sprinter van! It’s got leg room and comfortable seats. My dad knows them well from his line of work and my brothers and I do too from working there and driving them (in Alaskan tourism) so after renting one like we did for our ocean shores trip my parents decided to buy one!

Forget teddy bears, we have stuffed jelly fish and octopuses in our family 


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