San Francisco (getting there, including Seattle’s Japanese garden)

We went to San Fran already this summer but hey, it’s fall now so it’s not doubling up too much!

I was planning on taking the light rail and asked my friend if she could drop me off at the station and that turned into a trip to the Japense gardens on the way to the airport.

It was hard to leave the tranquility for the rush hour traffic and TSA security lines. 

Flying with a 7 month old is a little harder in the sense she always wants to move (she’s pulling herself up on everything and crawling everywhere) but she’s also even more social, smiling at everyone and playing peekaboo, that she’s good at entertaining herself (read as finding other people to entertain her. She’ll stare down people until they smile at her and I’m pretty sure she even fake coughed a few times to get one person’s attention who she instantly bonded with).

Getting our rental car was a nightmare. There were three people working and a ton of people in line. It took about two hours.

We made friends (Kaya crawled over, cutting to the front of the line, smart girl) with two gals in the front of the line, since they were there for about 20 minutes.

The two girls were from Thailand and had worked three months at Mount Rushmore and now got a month of travel before going home. They were in Vegas during the big shooting (yikes!). Overall they didn’t like Vegas anyway, preferring the national parks they visited and were planning to visit. My type of people!

By the time we were done talking the line had moved a few feet and Kaya was sitting in one of the girl’s laps playing with her very reflective sunglasses.

Next we talked to a contractor and an older couple of Indian descent. Both with a good sense of humor. I’d much rather talk with them than the guy who was complaining loudly and frequently. If you’re going to be in a difficult situation then I’m not sure how getting angry and loudly yelling is going to help your enjoyment of the trip, right?

Only three hours post bedtime Kaya finally fell asleep as I carried her in the pouch, though we still didn’t have a rental car.

Finally we got a car and drove to Fremont (outside San Francisco), our friend’s place.

Starving, we were greeted with burn your mouth off, tasty, Indian food dinner because we have amazing friends who waited until midnight to have dinner with us.

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