San Francisco (Fremont actually) 

Mostly I just saw the inside of an apartment, since our main goal of the trip was visiting our friends and letting our kids play with each other. Success!



We went to Michaels for a craft project for the three year old to participate in and got the girl’s matching dolls.

We also went to a really good Afghan restaurant, De Afghanan cuisine.

According to our friends Fremont has mainly people living there who originated from India or Afghanistan so there are lots of excellent restaurant choices. For instance, not just Indian or North Indian but from specific states / territories.
Not the whirlwind sightseeing trip like last time but an awesome trip.

We got home and took the light rail with way too much stuff (yes, that’s all ours…a suitcase, car seat, stroller, travel crib, two backpacks, and an extra bag of gifts from our friends) but somehow managed.

We’re already planning our next trip there, hopefully for more than a weekend. The funny thing is we’ll probably pack the same amount of stuff for a week than a weekend. Gone are the days of light packing!

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