Maple leaf reservoir / fixing our adventure car

So there was a (giant!) UPS truck in my rear view mirror that took up my whole rear view mirror, making it look like glare on this sunny day.  So, at like 5 miles per hour tops, I backed into said UPS truck. Well, not even the truck, the darn foot rest I really didn’t see. Didn’t do any damage to the foot rest but did to my car!

My beautiful adventure car whose been through forest roads, muddy mountain trails, and more without a scratch…dented in front of our house.

Doesn’t look like much but it nicked the bumper, so the price of a recreational price later, I fixed it. They threw in a small paint job on the hatchback door from our tie downs rubbing and taking off the paint / starting rust.

So *face palm* at least one good thing came of my first car accident as a driver.

The only other times I’ve hit something with my car were both ice related growing up in Alaska. Once when I was 14 and learning to spin brodies in a parking lot and hit a snow bank hard enough someone had to push us out and once sliding on ice at a stoplight and slowly kissed another car (we looked over at each others’ cars, didn’t see damage, gave thumbs up to each other, and kept driving).

So to make another plus side (I’m always trying to find those) when I went to pick up the car, instead of ordering an Uber, I ran / walked (the uphill parts since I also had my jogging stroller with 16+lb baby) the 2.5 miles and discovered some cool little side trails, like the one below, next to a large parking lot…

And a park, Maple Leaf Reservoir…

With an awesome view of Mt. Rainier.

The car is looking as shiny as ever, with rounded corners and no rust, and ready for the next adventure!


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