Introducing Sparky! 

On the rare moment I have two minutes to pursue on my phone I check out all the Buy Nothing and other apps for used stuff that’s cheap to free.

I found this gem, a kid kayak, named Sparky, for only $50!!

It’s a sit on top, 6 ft and 21 lbs and won’t be used by our 9 month old just yet but it’s worth keeping in our rack until then and we’ll look for the opportunity to share with a cousin or something.

The only thing is there’s no back since apparently it’s sold as a separate accessory for $100!!! Talk about over priced. Guess she’s going to build up her core muscles 😉

I hoisted it up and tied it down myself, since Alex was at work. The main difficulty is there’s no tie down for the back (that will fit the latch) so I’ll have to add something to it for next time. I got it plenty secure for the 20 minute drive home though. 

In the meantime I bought this inflatable canoe because it was on sale (picture from amazon since I haven’t inflated it yet). Fits two kids and is good for the pool. Couldn’t resist!

swimline kiddy inflatable canoe


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