New Year Promise

In 2017 we brought our baby traveling, from 7 weeks on, to 12 states (including the one we live in…Washington, and we got a few checked off just from our River Cruise adventure and also went to Denali National Park / Kantishna, drove to Portland, San Franciscotwice, and Chicago for Christmas).

In our home state we did more adventuring, including kayaking with our two month old, going to Orcas (with more kayaking with baby!), Ocean Shores, and Birch Bay. We also enjoyed mini adventures, like exploring local parks (including Seward Park and Magnusen Park).

Overall a really fun year not only despite our mini third wheel but also because of her!

So what does 2018 bring?

I’d like to eat healthier + exercise more, learn Mandarin, and organize the entire house. BUT I can’t promise that so…

2018 will be another year of adventure! But more specifically we’re planning for both local and abroad adventures which seems to be shaping into the theme of National Parks!

We’re hoping to visit Yosemite, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Red Canyon, Zion, and Olympic.

We’re also planning on Maui (possibly Hana in there) and Alaska (for kayaking and Southeast Alaska) again, with my parents for at least parts (probably most) for family fun but also so we can kayak on more than lakes by leaving baby on shore.

Also, Ann Arbor and Salt Lake City are booked! Those are for business (continuing education classes first for Alex than me) but we’ll make them fun. Austin is a possibility!

We’ll likely do some repeats because… there’s always something new and interesting to do! San Juan Islands a couple times probably, maybe Portland, San Francisco.

Kayaking, hiking, snow shoeing, nature walks, playgrounds, trains, boats, and more.

Here’s to 2018!

Where are you heading this upcoming year? From a local playground to around the world let me know in the comments! 



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