Discovery Park / Winter Beach Fun 

We decided a January beach trip would be good for us all after a long week of work and staying inside most of the days so we went to Discovery park. We walked along the beach, picked up rocks, and played with the waves.

Kaya was delighted by the waves lapping up on shore!


There were some stand up paddle boarders going by on some very skinny boards going fast!

Lighthouses never get old, I feel like, even when you don’t get to go inside.

Mt. Rainier was out! It was a nice sunny day, despite still being a little chilly of course.

The trail was muddy, but only the sloppy squishy kind not the foot-sucking kind.


We spontaneously stopped by the grocery store for pizza makings (spinach, mozzarella, artichoke, red bell pepper) which made for the perfect end to our evening.

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