Snowshoe Gold Creek Sno-Park

You know when you are just so excited about getting outside that you don’t care if it’s cold or rainy?

I went with a friend so this is the first time I’ve gone on a hike without my hubby carrying the baby since we got the backpack carrier and adding her 20 ish lbs and 1L of water and a few other items…. I got a workout, especially on the uphill portions! All three of us were just excited to be out there though and Kaya didn’t fuss until we were back in the car and headed home on the ~hr drive.

The snow in the very center of the trail was pretty packed, but a side step off made you especially need the snow shoes.

It rained but the snow was beautiful and the day clear enough. We turned around at two miles because we wanted to make sure to get back to the car before dark, so in total we did 4-4.5 miles.

The reviews online said the trail is really busy and hard to find parking but I’m thinking that must be on the weekend.  We went today, Monday, and only saw a few others snowshoeing and felt like we had the trails to ourselves.

Seattle is so crowded I feel like working part time I still don’t have much of an advantage for traffic and grocery shopping (I’m sure because of modified schedules / part time but sometimes I wonder if ANYONE works! 😉 But I’ve finally found a weekday advantage! Hiking!

My friend and I sweated our way up the trail and took layers off but Kaya kept her 5 layers on and was very comfortable. Comfortable enough that she fell never cried and asleep at the end of the hike and didn’t wake up until everything else was loaded in the car.

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