Cemetery Garden Walk

A sunny patch during a cold spell meant we had to go for a walk! To save on childcare expenses and to keep our kids out of daycare my friend and I are working part time and watching each other’s baby part time. They’ve been kinda like sister’s since my baby was six months old. 

Now that they’re both walking it’s a really good idea to get outside but it’s also really hard between diaper changes, snacks, layering all that clothing, naps, etc.  

Setting up the stroller / gear at the bottom of the stairs is boring work


A cemetery within a short walk is perfect for these types of days! Especially walking around a large Chinese site (with above ground burials) with a beautiful garden. 

And fountains, which the girls are fascinated by. 

Half frozen

Note: This is a popular area for neighbors to use for leisure (walking dogs or just themselves, running, etc.) and we are respectful of others and our environment while playing in the cemetery including not playing on graves or walking over them and leaving the area if someone has come to visit a loved one. 

Side side note: My grandparents and great grandparents are buried in this cemetery as well 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cemetery Garden Walk

  1. Evergreen Washelli? Such wonderful grounds and it will take a long time before you discover all of the water features and fountains! There are indoor fountains/sculptures in the crematorium building on the east side of Aurora, and there is a large outdoor fountain on the hospital grounds on the north side of the cemetery.

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