Michigan: Nichols Arboretum


Forest Hill Cemetery in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Our arboretum tour began in Forest Hill Cemetery.  If you look at a map the green space of the cemetery is directly adjacent to the green space of the arboretum. So one might think you can just walk through one to the other…nope. There’s a fence (and grade change) that separates the two!


While searching for the exit we had a wonderful stroll through the cemetery, all the way from the southwest entrance to the northeast entrance. Not only did we discover the entrance, we found a $20 bill right near the entrance! So instead of just being a free walk we were paid!

We got our monies worth also for the views and for the workout because the arboretum paths were filled with snow.

If I had my Thule jogger stroller we would have been fine (or skis if they made them for strollers!) but with the travel stroller we pulled it backwards through the snow.

Kaya slept through the whole ride, completely unaware she was riding tilted and backwards through a beautiful snow path, occassionally with falling snow from the branches hitting the umbrella of her stroller.


I’m sure during the summer its beautiful here but since it’s winter I’m not sure the scenery would have been as stellar without the surprise snow.

After leaving the arboretum we tried going to the free museum at the University of Michigan but found it was closed (going to re-open in the new building, that reminds me of corrugated cardboard, in 2019). I’m not sure if Kaya was more horrified about missing out on the museum or getting eaten by the dinosaur bones!

So we walked around campus instead then returned to the car. There we kept our one year old happy with drawing and funny pipe cleaner faces.

The things we do to keep babies happy

We went for lunch with Alex while he was on his break (exciting for us, a good break for him).



And of course Kaya can help him study anatomy…


Even if she doesn’t always get the answer right! 

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