Hike it Baby -Arboretum Misadventure Success

As part of my couch outdoorsmanshipI found a group called Hike it Baby and signed up for the next available hike in Seattle.

They did a good job summarizing what they do with their tag line:


I am totally on board with that, plus it’s free!

This hike was at toddler pace, letting them walk and explore, which sounded perfect for a 12 and 19 month old.

I should have known it couldn’t be that easy…

I had my friend and my own kiddo and was pretty impressed with myself that I got them both packed up and in the car and was going to be on time. Then, almost to the park, I realized I left their nicely packed bag of warm gear at home! It was quick to pick up, since it was right next to the door (face palm), but by the time we made it there, parked, and geared up we were an hour late for a two hour walk.

I figured, hey we’re here, let’s just explore on our own!

I had one in the stroller and one in a front carrier and had a good time exploring for about 30 minutes (all the trails are stroller accessible, though there are some hills). 

Then I heard what I knew had to be a pack of toddlers and followed their voices until I saw all their colorful coats. We made it for the tail end and got to join the procession.

I got the 19 month old out and tried doing who knows what and the (childless) stroller went careening down a (thankfully) short hill before nosediving and flipping, sending the diaper bag and other items flying.

The one time I don’t set the brake…

After jogging after the stroller, baby still in the front pack and toddler looking on from the pack I gathered everything up, checking for lose articles and double checking my keys were there before I introduced myself to the group.

Of course Kaya wanted to walk, though in boots on uneven surfaces is way too advanced for her, as she just learned to walk, so I’m trying to hold both hands while pushing the stroller (the 19 month old only walked for a couple minutes before wanting to get back in). Not the easiest.

We made it and went to the playground with a smaller group of them then headed back to the car.

After finally getting all their layers off and strapping them into car seats I somehow managed to get on the highway going the wrong direction (there were no signs) which of course is a long bridge to Mercer Island… with a toll. Most expensive u-turn ever!! $8+

We still made it to my friend’s house for an on time drop off!

Overall I consider the day a success, despite my lateness and inability to control my stroller (there needs to be more laughter in the world anyway, right?).

I’d like to go back (they meet weekly I believe) but I’m not sure if I can make it with two babies to anything that requires being on time and bundling, we shall see!

4 thoughts on “Hike it Baby -Arboretum Misadventure Success

    1. For my blog? What do you like? The pics / titles on the home page? The length or photos in the posts? Overall content? Tags? Categories? Something else? Ha. My main tip is just write what you’d like and be organized and don’t worry about building a massive following because that’s not what life is about (for me anyway) 😊


      1. Lol…everything! I always start with passion…get frustrated and disorganzied and kind of let it go until I get back in the mood. WordPress is tricky fof me too. Like I have a blog Im pretty proud of on blogger (mybipolarlifeinextremes@blogspot.com) but I feel like learning WordPress would take forever. I wouldlove for my blog to look even halfway as good as yours…in every above mentioned aspect!

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      2. Haha well thanks! I’ve definitely gone through spells of keeping up and letting it go by the wayside… Whats helped me is when I’m excited about writing then I write 3-4 posts (or finish 2 and start 2, that sort of thing). That way I can schedule a couple posts so it’ll go for me even if I forget about my blog for a week or two, and I’m not starting a blank post if I at least got something down (like a reminder sentence or pics).
        Good luck with your blog! It’s good to be proud of it, it’s your creation! 😊👍


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