Michigan birthday

I wouldn’t say Ann Arbor would be the destination birthday one might have in mind but I had a simple fun day.

First we checked out of our air bnb and visited Alex during his lunch break.

Practicing physical therapy techniques 😉

Then we went to dancing babies (birth-pre school) at the library. It was mainly songs but also games and we got out a large parachute. I forgot how fun those are!

We checked out the library afterwards and I found this book of beards (by Lenke&Lentz). Too bad they probably won’t take my Seattle library card!

Next Kaya took a nap in the car ( caught up on my email), which I was grateful for because I wanted her well rested for the plane to be a happy baby (and sleep begets sleep! Which I know but at the same time is always scary to trust when you really need it to work).

We got takeout from Zingerman’s Delicatessen, which is famous for their sandwiches and has a neat shop (that we didn’t have time to explore on the way to the airport).

On the flight home to Seattle I got to watch a movie (Thor!!!) so it was kind of like having dinner and a movie for my birthday!

I loved my year of being 28. Here’s to being 29!

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