Maui: Road to Hāna 

Our one year old does pretty darn well with flights and going with the flow but you strap her into something, especially a car seat, and game over. So why do we keep planning road trips? Because there’s so many cool places to visit that are only accessible by road!! Darnit.

The Road to Hana is accessible by helicopter I suppose, but first that’s expensive and second…you hear “I went on The Road to Hana” not “I visited Hana” for a reason, it’s all about the journey there. Which is good because we took six hours to do 40 miles!

One place we visited was just getting from Kihei to the actual road (near Ho’okipa beach. So many sea turtles!!! I’ve been here a few times and never get tired of watching them swimming in and out of shore.


There are a lot of fun, interesting, and/or beautiful places to stop along the switchbacks to Hana. We got out when the mood struck us, or when Kaya needed a break. Sometimes the breaks were fairly short (like getting coconut ice cream and drinking coconut milk at Coconut Glens) and others longer. One unplanned long stop was Upper Waikani Falls where Kaya played in what turned out to be more than dirt. The tar only came off with Purell (from the car parked next to us) and a lot of scrubbing and later a bath.

But she sure did like the water fall!

Other stops along the way were at Kaumahina State Wayside for bathrooms and running after the feral cats (with Kaya yelling “dog, woof woof” over and over again). And we stopped at Halfway to Hana stop for Banana Bread (yum!! And warm).


We also got to use the Keens I bought second hand (different color but matching mine, couldn’t help it since I love mine) right before the trip. They’re wonderful! Besides causing her feet to smell (nothing a rinse can’t help) she can walk in them really well and they’re easy on and off with velcro.

Wai’anapananapa Park has a black sand beach with massive waves (incredible power!). I’d never seen black sand beaches (basalt? from lava?) which was really cool looking.

At the beach there was a cave on one side that led to the water (I cautiously explored it first before bringing my one year old in, promise).

On the other side a trail that led to incredible views (though it was a bit of a scramble to get up).  It had an incredible view but I somehow can’t find the pics I took so…you’ll just have to visit and check it out yourself!

At the same park there was a spot where the waves pushed through the rock and spouted up like a whale’s blowhole, which was very fun to watch for a while. Waiting between spouts it was fun to just look over the volcanic rocks and imagine being on another planet.

We checked in at the Travaasa Resort (way overpriced but also really the only non-camping option, which is why most people drive through in one day…not feasible with our littlest traveler who hates car seats).


Walked through the resort to the ocean


Sporting her fancy dress (birthday present!) and sporty Keens
Our room next to our parents room.
Pretty great, especially when you usually find a campspot or cheapest clean motel!




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