Maui Beach Time

We last went to Maui when Kaya was a few months old (and went pre baby as well). This time she ate a lot more sand!

We used the same beach tent as before. This time we didn’t have to protect her from the sand blasts as much since she could move herself where she wanted but we also couldn’t keep her in the tent!

Because we love coral reefs we try not to use too much sun block…but are also very white, ha. So we used SPF clothing and hats and attempted to keep sunglasses on. We also tried to stay in the shade during the hottest parts of the day, which when you plan around that really doesn’t hinder the fun. No burns for any of us, wohoo!


The waves were so much fun to play in!

And of course the sand too. We had fun using the excuse of our 13 month old to build sand castles.

We really enjoyed our beach time, even if we didn’t get to go kayaking or SUPing this time.

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