Maui Ocean Center

We’re the type that have to be doing something, even if we’re on a relaxing beach vacation. Good thing there’s lots to do in Maui, even with a one year old!

The Maui Ocean Center is a great aquarium! It’s large enough to be really interesting for a few hours (2-3 if I’m remembering right) but not so large you can’t see everything.

There’s a touch pool for the kids (and kids at heart).

We attended a talk on coral reef and a feeding (including manta rays and sharks!). My parents have a membership (since they are semi retired snow birds) and said the talks change so you can learn a lot when you keep going.

During the feeding presentation they advocating for not fearing sharks (without even using the stat about it being more likely to get killed by a falling coconut!). The sharks were interested in being fed dead fish and didn’t show any interest in the scuba divers. They also provided really good details about how to avoid a shark attack, because they never attack unless someone is alone (always have a buddy!) and in murky waters (who wants to swim in those conditions anyway?).

I’ve got my buddy so the sharks won’t attack me 😉



Walking through a water surrounded by water: cool for us, possibly too real for our Papaya



Gift shops are far more dangerous than sharks, at least on the wallet



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