Maui Pool Time

Kaya’s first bath she turned slightly purple because I was so afraid of burning her as a new momma of a three day old. After that I checked the temp with a thermometer (I LOVE hot water so I didn’t trust myself to judge) and she loved the bath up until six months. Then it was screaming and not sitting in the bath, for no apparent reason, until 13 months when she got to experience the ultimate bath…the hot tub (set on an appropriately warm, not hot, temp…because who needs hot in Maui anyway?) then the pool, and now the bath! That’s my type of immersion therapy (pun intended).

The seat is a perfect depth for little ones to stand on



Playing soccer by the pool
Walking carefully by the pool with momma’s hat
The only floatie she would use in the pool: a canoe (my kind of girl but truly “without a paddle”)

We had a little too much fun in the pool… my brother decided to channel his inner bearded whale.  ​


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