Highway 12 (scenic route): Capitol Reef to Bryce Canyon

Apparently I started this post a month ago, yikes! I’m happy to say one of the reasons I’m having a hard time getting blog posts out is we’re actually going on so many adventures this year it’s hard to keep up! It’s nice to have good problems 😀

Speaking of which, my Instagram is more up to date (though not as detailed and sometimes I forget it exists among the chaos of everyday life) and has some fun extra pics I wouldn’t make a whole blog post on.

For this adventure, which was in April, we started in Salt Lake City and then went to Capitol Reef then took the scenic route on Highway 12 (which is always a mentally painful decision with a one year old) to Bryce Canyon (and beyond!).

The scenic route is worth it!! Amazing views most of the time and the scenery changes as you drive along.

There’s also enough places to stop that you can if you need to, while still being far enough way to really feel the vast wilderness.

Very impressive grades, even for a Seatte-ite
No need to hike for amazing views 

These pics are mostly out the window in a moving car with my iPhone. Imagine how amazing they look in person!

Such cool looking formations that keep changing up as you drive along.

Right after sunset we made it to Bryce Canyon. We would have made it before sunset if Kaya hadn’t needed a much needed active break at the McDonalds playplace (while we ate ice cream) and if we hadn’t needed to stop for a bunch of deer crossing 😉

Bryce Canyon: still beautiful after sunset

Sunset point

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