Salt Lake City, Utah

I took my first plane flight, from Seattle to Salt Lake City, with my one year old by myself and it went really smoothly (thank goodness!). I checked every bag I could and left tons of time, including plenty of time for eating and playing at the airport playground so she’d sleep for most of the flight. I even got to watch most of the new Thor movie that I’ve been wanting to see.

Packing light. Er, packing as light as possible.
The hardest part was once we were at the airport and I had all my luggage… a suitcase of clothes for myself and Kaya, backpack, car seat, and stroller. Thankfully Alex could bring the hiking backpack carrier when he met up after conference for the national parks. 

I wish I had a picture (but that would have required an extra hand) because I’m sure I looked ridiculous pushing the stroller one handed, roller suitcase in my other hand with backpack on top, and (proportionally on my 5’2″ frame) giant car seat on my back in an even larger padded bag.


We made it through the airport and onto the light rail train. I met a few other occupational therapists also going to the OT conference and they offered me their seats but I couldn’t fit with all my gear. Of course the two younger guys in the disability seats  by the door that I COULD have fit into didn’t offer their seats (yes they might have invisible disabilities, absolutely, but they didn’t even have a cane so I’m pretty sure they could go a few rows back worst case scenario…oh well, we all made it) so I just put the brakes on the stroller and hung on tight and tried to remember not to twist side to side at all to not hit the guys with the car seat backpack (no, it wasn’t tempting though did cross my mind as natural consequences if I accidentally did) 

I stayed at a room right next to the convention center (you could literally see the roof, along with downtown and the mountains, perfect!) since my parents were going to meet me the next morning to watch Kaya while I went to my conference.

Once I dropped off my hundred bags Kaya and I went off to explore Salt Lake City.

The Temple square had beautiful gardens!
We walked around the Temple Square and hung out at a fountain for a bit (since Kaya insisted on getting out of her stroller the moment she saw it) outside one of the two visitor’s center.

In fact there seemed to be water everywhere! Enticing Kaya to crawl in, haha. The mall near the Temple had a glass enclosure and lots of water features and (what we were really after, because I didn’t need any more bags from shopping!) a foodcourt.

City Creek Center
Next to the food court was a great surprise, an indoor playground! So I could eat (Mexican food, yum) while Kaya played.

Last but not least I registered at the convention center for the next morning. I’m so excited to get together with thousands of other occupational therapists and learn about the latest research, techniques, and approaches!

Of course I’m also excited about the national parks we’re going to afterwards too! 

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