Easy paddling in Southern Washington / Northern Oregon

I’ve been looking up a lot of easy but rewarding places to paddle this Memorial Day weekend and since we can’t do them all in one long weekend I want to keep the list for next time! Perhaps you want to save some time searching for flatwater easy paddling as well? Well here you go!

First here are the Water Trail Recommendations of the Lower Columbia 


And from the same website their interactive map, including launch sites (and camping, eating places, etc.)


Lake River

Near Ridgfield Kayak Center in Ridgefield, WA

Smith and Bybee Wetlands





Wind River near Carson, WA

Mentioned here (especially the revires by Liisa and a couple from Columbus (2016)  https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g51909-d9851080-r413129474-Gorge_Paddling_Center-Hood_River_Oregon.html

Price Island

Mentioned in this tour http://www.columbiariverkayaking.com/tours/priceislandtour.html


Skamokawa Creek

Mentioned in this tour  http://www.columbiariverkayaking.com/tours/skacreektour.html


To get a general idea of where these are (Columbia River Kayaking is for price island and skamokawa creek, Gorge is for Wind River)

Lower columbia river

Since we’re staying at Seaquest State Park I’m cutting out Wind River since that’s a couple hour drive but the other places are about an hour drive.

I’m excited for this weekend!

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