Bryce Canyon Sunrise and Queens Garden Trail Hike 

We arrived at Bryce Canyon, fresh from a (short but good!) night’s sleep in Bryce (the city), before sunrise. We got to watch the changing colors as the sun rose over the canyon and it was freezing but beautiful.

The pictures got out of order but the hoodoos (coolest name ever, right?) are incredible down and up the trail (yes, it’s a loop). Kaya had been asleep while we stood for a while and watched sunrise so I kept her in the carrier and walked down. Alex got her the whole way up (he still beat me to the top! despite the elevation) in the backpack.

I didn’t say much in this blog post and had more photos than usual, but that’s because I can’t really add anything to the beauty of the place with my words and it truly is an incredible place.

Have you had the chance to visit Bryce Canyon?


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