Father’s day bike ride 

For mother’s day we went kayaking, for father’s day biking! We took the Thule Chariot out finally (I bought it for Alex for his birthday last summer before reading how it’s not recommended to bike before a year).

It’s a double trailer but you can set up the straps for the middle then took off!

After, you know, a couple hours of getting ready… dragging everything out of the shed, pumping tires of our bikes and the trailer, adding the hitch to the bike, deciding it should go on the other bike and moving it, bringing everything down the stairs, and finally off!

We live near a cemetery that’s paved and frequented by people walking by so it was nice to try maneuvering (which wasn’t too bad!) without traffic and on smooth roads.

Kaya really enjoyed the ride, especially seeing me ride by on my bike, then she fell asleep. That’s the only downside of the Thule (unless there’s something I haven’t figured out yet) is that it doesn’t recline. We have the older model since I bought it second hand but while it does have a small recline and the mesh behind the helmet allows her to rest her head back, her head also went in every other direction while she slept so we went back home (it was an hour ish bike ride overall so we probably would have gone home soon after anyway).

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