Smith Tower (downtown Seattle)

I hadn’t been to Smith Tower since October 20th, 2012. Why do I remember that date so well? Because that’s when my dear hubby proposed to me! 😀 Just like we’ve restructured a bit (now with careers, a house, and baby, and even a white picket fence…that needs to be replaced…) Smith Tower has too! They made the Chinese room into a bar and added a bunch of touristy information. It already had a great view and now it’s fun to learn about old time Seattle as well! We got to graffiti the wall as well, and I mainly took pic so we can add a date again the next time we come (and the next).

We got a groupon (to make it $10 each) but the rate for locals isn’t bad ($12/person whereas it used to be $7 before the remodel if I remember right).

On the first level they have a movie with pictures of how things used to look. Then you see a room with old desks and more information (the self guided tour continues when you get to the 34th floor, via the operator-manned elevator).

At the top they still have the beautiful ceiling with wood / decorations from Ancient China, and the Wishing Chair.

If you sit in the chair you’ll be married in the next year! That’s why Alex choose this spot for our engagement.

And of course because of the great views. Who needs the super expensive pver-run space needle when you’ve got Smith tower? Sure, I like to see it on the skyline but I’d certainly prefer to visit Smith Tower!

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