Zoo play areas 

What do you do with your budding explorer when not off on adventure? Create some local adventures and build up those explorer skills, of course!

Our zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, has a really awesome outdoor playspace and indoor playspace that has a lot of natural or natural looking play structures with lots of climbing. Perfect for getting little ones energy out AND developing those climbing skills and stairs skills she doesn’t get at our one level living space.

There’s also a petting zoo in the farm area (I’m too busy following Kaya around in there to get pics) and the much sought after tractor with a steering wheel that spins.

The outdoor play area definitely needs a change of clothes afterwards.

In Seattle there are occasionally scares of heroin needles found in playgrounds and this summer one kid even got poked by one while playing. While this doesn’t keep us out of the playground it does allow me to not be nervous about her playing wherever she wants in this dirt.

I love how they created the indoor play space to look like it’s rock. So cool and such a fun local adventure.

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