Ferry to Discovery Bay

We waited close to two hours for the ferry since there are no reservations on the Edmonds – Kingston ferry to get from Seattle to Kingston / Port Gamble. We sat on the side of the road long enough to buy a dozen Top Pot donuts and polish off most of them.

The ferry is my favorite way to travel in Alaska and Washington since it’s beautiful and there’s usually someone fun to meet if you’re on there long enough. Kaya immediately found a good view and a kid her own age to stand beside and interact with for a bit.

We then went to the deck with my brother, sister-in-law and their baby (we were headed to our family reunion).

So windy on deck!

We drove the rest of the way to Discovery Bay. We stayed at the World Mark there (travel hint: you can buy points second hand so you don’t actually have to buy a timeshare to enjoy having an apartment instead of a hotel, with full kitchen for making meals) that has a rocky beach in front.

There were hundreds (thousands?) of itty bitty baby crabs on the beach. Along with waves and a pail and shovel we were set!

We had about 50 relatives at the family reunion, which is not everyone for sure but a really good size!

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