Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia

I already gushed about Gaudi in my last post so I won’t here but I will say this was a majorly cool church (that will be even more awesome when it’s finished). The most significant thing about it to me was how simple yet not the inside is (not overly busy yet elegant and beautiful), yet how detailed the statues are on the outside of the church.

This is the opposite of how Catholic Churches are (which are beautiful in their own right but always a little too cluttered with their decorations for my taste) yet now that I see this it makes so much sense! After all, if you’re trying to spread the message about who Jesus is then shouldn’t you show that on the outside of the building, to entice people to come inside to learn more during the sermon?

Still under construction
Kaya getting the scoop on her audio tour
The finished product is going to be even more impressive!

Pillars or stone trees?

Back door depicting Jesus’ death for us all

Of course as much as we enjoyed touring the church we had to give Kaya some time to just run around and explore and be silly with the hat she borrowed from Aunt Dasha.

She and her cousin found another baby (German family, if I remember right) to play with on the floor for a while. One makes instant friends when traveling with little ones 😊

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