Hurricane Ridge National Park

We got our big group of cousins together and drove to Hurricane Ridge National Park. One cousin hasn’t lived in Seattle for a while now but visits frequently and loves it here so he gave us the grand overview.

One group took a longer hike and we took a shorter easier one (since while I knew we could do the longer hike I didn’t want to slow anyone down in case Kaya wanted to feed or walk or something).

It was a hot July day but we were at a high enough elevation there was still some snow. I remember two summers ago we were one ridge over, at Deer Park, for camping, (and here) and also ran into snow.

Speaking of deer, there were plenty here as well!

The trail (that goes from the parking lot on the other side from the visitors center) leads you along a ridge that’s pretty fun because it’s so different.

We held the leash on her backpack tight and kept close the short period of time we left her down. Otherwise she had to stay up in the hiking backpack.

Mom hiking
Alex and Kaya on Hurricane Ridge
The mountains seem endless!
Little flowers popping up in the sunshine

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