Orcas Island

From Discovery Bay we continued our family reunion to Orcas Island.

First we took the ferry from Port Townsend to Whidbey Island then drove to Anacrotes and took the ferry to Orcas.

It was basically a day of travel but totally delightful since the trip was broken up with ferries and we could mingle with whichever cousins were on those legs.

We stayed near Deer Harbor on Orcas, which (as most places on islands are, especially when named Harbor…) is right by the water with a beach to explore.

The slightly bigger cousins played on a raft while Kaya occasionally joined them but mainly toddled through the water, sand, and seaweed with great delight.

Later as the kids dug a hole Kaya thought it was pretty awesome and sat right in it. I kept moving her out of their way but she kept sitting in the mud puddle so they nicely played around her.

At the Worldmark we stayed at there was a hot tub on each balcony. Which is especially perfect when you have kids that go to bed early because you can still enjoy the hot tub from your own studio apartment.

As a day trip we went to Moran State Park and drove up Mount Constitution for the awesome lookout from the tower (which we’ve done a couple times before but it never gets old!)

Especially when you’re enjoying the view of the San Juan Islands with a bunch of family!

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