Camping Belfair State Park


I frequently don’t blog until much after an event has passed, and do batches and set the posts for in the future, so when I get caught up in daily life there’s still a steady stream of posts without me having to think about (to keep this as a hobby instead of something stressful with deadlines). Knowing this I take a lot of photos to help me remember what to write, but since I lost all my phone photos…I’ll go off memory (and the three photos I posted on facebook that I just downloaded) and forget a lot of fun things that will only come back later when I don’t have access to my blog, says Murphy’s Law.

We went camping this summer with our friends (who we’ve camped and kayaked with before, and basically do life with in a lot of ways, which is pretty fun) with our two girls who are only seven months apart. We camped at Belfaire State Park and it was fun to spend the weekend basically doing nothing and watching our girls play.

Random memories of the weekend:

-Billy, with Alex as his wingman, and Kaya as a cute accessory, going a few campsites over to chat up the large group making Paia (because despite not being from Spain they have a large Paia maker thing in their large truck) in secret hopes of getting some. Later that evening just that happened, because despite their group of 20ish being large, yes, they made enough for 40! So we all got to try.

-Toddler A (I keep forgetting to ask her parents if her name online is okay) having the dirtiest face I’ve seen on either toddler yet

-Driving to to the grocery store to get s’more makings and…the stove fuel (because everything else was remembered but that, naturally) and deciding to buy coffee too (despite bringing the camp stove) because roughing it is over-rated when you’re in toddler survival mode

-Walking along the nearby beach and finding purple shells, which Toddler A was especially excited about

-Deciding resolutely (a rarity in my thought process) that I would indeed get a bigger tent before camping again, when trying to sleep on the ground between our sleeping pads with Kaya peacefully asleep in her sleeping bag on my sleeping pad

-Kaya and A walking along the big log near the campsite (Kaya with help) again and again

-Playing at the playground (at the campground) with the kids in the hot sun and Kaya watching with awe as a few adults filled up hundreds of water balloons for their family reunion and they gave one to Kaya who proudly carried it through the grass until she dropped it and it broke (which she was surprised by but thankfully not disappointed)

I can’t remember what else we did…did we hike somewhere? I know we didn’t kayak because we decided that was too much gear to haul for the weekend and wanted to spend that time with friends. I also know we didn’t go to the outdoor movie theater that we decided on the drive home was a good idea and looked up all the outdoor movie theaters left (not many) so we’ll have that info in the backs of our heads as we plan future camping, because when else do you get to see movies with kids??


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