Wedding in Girdwood, Alaska

The whole reason I went on these Alaskan adventures was to go to my childhood friend’s wedding in Girdwood at Crow Creek Mine.

We’ve been friends since we were 4 but I still didn’t know I was going to be a bridesmaid till she asked me since she has four sisters! But she wanted a smaller party so I and one of her other friend’s were co-bridesmaids (though I got stuck with the speech… thankfully I have a quarter century of material to go off of!). And thankfully I have a great sense of humor 😉 so I had everyone laughing despite only preparing between photo spots that morning (since that’s when she asked me).

The top photo is of us going up the tram at Alyeska (a ski resort I used to snowboard at as a teen) to get photos on the mountain (amazing!!) as you can see a preview below.

I don’t have a lot of other pics since I was in them (not just photo bombing).

This is one funny pic my mom took of Kaya in the puddle (she watched her during the photos and ceremony) splashing away happily in her Xtratuf boots. We did see a black bear in the woods right next to the parking lot… but that was during the reception (actually as I was walking from the car with Kaya, since I’d just fed her, but no harm done).

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