Iceland: the Blue Lagoon

I don’t have many pictures because I was swimming in the hot springs! Well… wading, but with arms as well because man was it windy!

And here’s the thing (that my brother pointed out). The lifeguards were not in red swimsuits with suntan lotion on their nose. They were in full on winter jackets with animal hair on their hoods to keep the wind out, so I’d hazard to guess this is typical weather.

The pool was warm (think heated pool, not hot tub), hot spring fed, crowded water, with some cool rock features and fountain waterfalls.

There are multiple stations you wade up to, one masks (I did the mud mask then the seaweed mask) and a bar (where I got a fruity non alcoholic drink because we got one included drink with our package and they were about the same price as the beer and wine and sounded tastier). There’s also saunas by the pool (hot and dry).

If you go plan for the cold winds (at least in the beginning of September) walking from the parking lot to the place (with a bit of a distance) and you can bring your phone and wallet because they have locking lockers. We got towels and robes and sandals included, though they looked like everyone else so when you leave your robe and sandals hanging when you go out good luck getting the same ones coming back in.

If you have kids look up the age range for when they’re allowed to come in. I know our 18 mont old was too young but saw a six-ish year old in there. I wouldn’t have had a problem temperature wise bringing our toddler in but wind wise that would have been hard and she’s not potty trained. So she stayed in the lounge area between the lockers and the pool and we switched off watching her and her cousin.

Also, if you’re getting dinner, the fancy restaurant is so slow and doesn’t have the great view that the cafeteria has (talk about marketing schemes… my dad booked it because he wanted the view) and of course the pics don’t show the wind once you’re outside, ha, but it’s still fun to go too! The locals go too, at least once, on a special occasion. Otherwise there are three in Reykjavik (I believe our walking tour guide said later) that are really all the same, much cheaper, and where the locals go. So take your pick! If you go to the Blue Lagoon though just book your tickets ahead! Any one you go to is sure to be a nice relaxing experience.

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