Lucca, Italy

From Pisa we drove to Lucca then did a walking tour of the town. The main feature is that there are old walls surrounding the city

Narrow streets full of lots of people = Italy

I normally hate shopping, except when traveling. First, to get an ornament (or keychain or anything we can hang) for our Christmas tree from every country. Second, to see what’s unique about a place. For instance, an entire shop here in Lucca dedicated to local olive oil!

Another important shopping trip was to get Gelato, of course.

Signing “please” for more gelato after her first taste
Lucca Cathedral

Later, back on the ship, Kaya had a different first experience. Dancing to a rock band! We came out of dinner and she went sprinting over to the band and started dancing like a mad woman.

Dad joined in and it was a lot of fun. I tried taking her onto the official dance floor and she loved it but it was too loud and way past her bedtime. As I carried her literally kicking and screaming away from the dance floor my mom said “she’s going to be trouble when she’s 16”.

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