Pancake paddling (finally!) again

We interrupt our tales of world travel with an adventure from this month!

Especially since I’m only on Barcelona (which was September) and we just went kayaking in January… and now we’re in Canada on another quick trip… I’m afraid I’ll forget it ever happened!

After dusting off the cobwebs off the kayak and our wetsuits (I sooo wish I didn’t mean that literally… I found a dead spider attached by its web on my wet suit zipper for instance) I packed the car early Sunday morning with our gear and we went to the Swedish Club at Lake Union for the Pancake Paddling meet up group.

Alex’s parents were in town so they met us there with Alex’s sister and her husband and we all ate breakfast together before we put Kaya in their car to head to their house while we hit the water for some blissful toddler free paddling with our group.

I love taking our almost two year old on outdoor adventure but it was oh so nice to not have to overthink safety on a calm lake and know we may have to stop for xy or z for who knows how long. We could just paddle paddle!

We even, get this, got to unload the kayak and gear into the backyard without having to tote along the toddler! Oh the wonders!!

Then we drove to Alex’s sister’s house and enjoyed lunch with everyone.

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