Stanwood: The Lights of Christmas

Speaking of forgotten trips while writing about our world trip… I do love simple adventure too!

We came back from our world trip Dec 21 and believe we went to see the lights in Stanwood Dec 23.

It was great to get us revved up into the Christmas spirit after skipping winter up until then by being closer to the equator, and was great to see friends we hadn’t seen for months. Including Kaya’s best friend, Ainsley.

There were fun side things to do (besides looking at the lights) including food / drink stands (including amazing donuts and hot chocolate), a train, Santa, a simple lights maze, small petting zoo, carolers, crafts, etc.

Not your normal sippy cup

The only problem was, everyone else was feeling festive too and the lines were a bit long to keep a couple toddlers entertained, so we skipped most of the side activities and just enjoyed the lights, donuts, hot cocoa, maze, and petting zoo.

If you live in the Seattle area I’d definitely recommend the Lights of Christmas in Stanwood. Very festive and fun, especially if you have kids who are still young enough to think it’s cool to be Christmasy while being old enough to handle a few lines.

How do you like to get into the Christmas spirit?

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