Christmas Presents (one REI outlet sale item, one made in Japan)

For Christmas 2018 I bought my hubby a new tent and mattress. We have camped multiple times in our two man tent, with individual sleeping rolls, since Kaya was born and… it’s so uncomfortable! For being a shortie our baby then toddler really knows how to take up space!

So I got us a six man tent (Kingdome brand) and inflatable queen mattress for car camping.

A bit overkill? Possibly, except we have another shortie on the way.

Christmas Eve pic

We’ve known since five weeks along I was pregnant, thanks to a home pregnancy test, but didn’t get to see the itty bitty until twelve weeks along when we got back from our world travels. Best Christmas Eve ever to see our little one for the first time, together (with Kaya I saw her on my own the first time as a quick post work visit while Alex was still at work, which was still magical but not as fun!).

So I think a six man tent sounds perfect! But stay tuned to find out!

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