MLK weekend in Vancouver, B.C

King Street Station, Seattle

Alex took a week long continuing education course in Vancouver that got over on the Friday of MLK weekend, so Kaya and I met him via Amtrak train, sky train, bus, and walk.

When taking the multi hour train we were going to be sharing a seat (because yes, $32 seemed too much to pay for her own seat until I was actually sitting there) so we moved to a set of four seats and got lucky that the train wasn’t full.

Two ladies (who I couldn’t help but overhear seemed to be going to a high school reunion) sat across from us but didn’t seem bothered by Kaya or our openly admitting we didn’t belong there and could move back to our own seats if they wanted. Wohoo though that they didn’t take me up on it!

Once we arrived in Vancouver we too the sky train to a bus that took us through Stanley Park (where I rode a bike around last time we visited, pre-Kaya) to North Vancouver. We then walked to our Air BnB and took advantage of the quiet while Alex was still in class by taking an afternoon nap (after getting up at 5 something to get to our train on time).

I’ll admit that making so many connections on my own with a toddler was not fun. Standing in line for the train seat, standing in line for immigration wondering if they’re going to care I’m taking my child out of country without her father in sight), trying to work the kiosk for the skyline ticket with a toddler trying to run away while screaming because of needing a nap (including screaming “owie” while I have her gently pinned with my knees to the kiosk machine, to keep her from running into traffic, with 100% assurance from knowing when she’s actually in pain that she’s fine and 100% of people around me staring at me wondering if I’m murdering my child), then standing by a busy road waiting a while for the bus with a heavy backpack on your back and heavy toddler in your ergo on the front, did not make for a fun time. But overall it was a good trip that I would do again (and probably will in April for his next course).

Once Alex was done we picked him up (in our car that he drove up the prior weekend) and went out for Persian Food at Cazba Restaurant, which is now my FAVORITE. So so so good.

Right across the street was a Persian bakery (I’m not huge into bakeries but had to try it as something new. I’ll admit, I’d rather spend my calories on more or the food, but I’m also not a huge fan of most bakery foods so don’t take my word for it. And the bakery was very inexpensive, so easy to try various things without stress.

The next morning started slow, as often goes with a toddler (and husband who wants to get a long workout in whenever he has free time). I took Kaya to a playground near our Air BnB.

Then we went to a Chilean Bakery, at Panaderia Latina Bakery. Dulce de Leche is my absolute favorite ice cream and I had no idea how many baked goods could be smothered in Dulce de Leche sauce!!! I somehow resisted buying it by the jar…

Dulce de Leche!!!!

Next we burned off the calories (or..a bites worth) by walking through Queen Elizabeth Park to the Bloedel Conservatory. We walked uphill through he park for the stroll and because the free parking is on the street at the bottom of the hill.

Inside the conservatory there were lots of exotic birds and plants. Kaya’s absolute favorites were two parrots that we watched for a looong time.

With my iPhone camera I wasn’t able to capture many of the birds (too small / too far away) but I enjoyed watching them.

On the drive back Sunday we stopped in Bellingham to break up the drive, with most of our time spent at the Marine Life Center (a small but jam packed place with up to 400 visitors per day! About 15 while we were there) especially at the touch pool.

We also spent a little bit too much time at a really nice used kid’s store, Wee One’s Reruns, with better prices and quality than I’ve found in Seattle! I found great snow pants, a couple pairs of pants, and a clock toy for less than $20! The boots I wanted to get her were only $4 but she wouldn’t put them on, being a picky toddler, so oh well.

Overall a great weekend getaway!

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