Memorial Day Weekend: Lake Easton State Park

Apparently I only took pics of my two year old the first day of camping… but I promise my husband and I were there too! (evidence of this in part II).

Packing for camping is always a chore… especially when you’re trying to fit too much stuff into your bag. But really, what are you going to leave behind? Pink bunny? Strawberry the turtle? Your bubbles or back up bubbles? I think not.

I have Fridays off so it was up to me to get the gear together for the most part. Of course as soon as I got Kaya’s stuff together she wanted to try it, so we had to go for a walk in our neighborhood midway through packing. Good thing too or we wouldn’t have spotted these wild Washington Flamingos!

Unpacking at the campsite (1-1.5 hours east of Seattle at Lake Easton State Park) was an adventure in itself. Last time Kaya could move so fast… and we had our usual two person tent we’ve set up a bunch of times.

This time we had a six person tent (my Christmas present to Alex… / myself), so it was a new set up and takes two people, and boy she’s fast! Out onto the road, down to the playground, into other campsites. So basically we took turns doing what we could then quickly trying to work together while keeping our toddler alive. It didn’t help I’m 7 months pregnant and bending over for things like steaks is not the most comfortable right now.

Oh and I forgot to mention it was raining the whole time. So first we set up the alcove (picnic table cover) then built the tent under it.

Then we played soccer!

If you’re an REI member you know that Memorial Day weekend is when you get to try out everything you bought at the sale… for us this year it was two new (much needed) camp chairs and lantern.

Kaya put on her sunglasses on this rainy day after the sun had gone down because the lantern was “too bright!”

We mostly spend Saturday putting stuff in the car, making food, setting up camp; and playing soccer and at the playground. Rather than have a big camp fire we just made hot cocoa and enjoyed our play time.

Kaya got many compliments on her rain suit and boots as she stayed dry while most of the other kids got soaked.

I’ll include what gear we have for family camping in case you’re also upgrading to family camping (names might not be totally exact but should help you find it)

Kingdom 6 tent with mud room

Kingdom queen blow up mattress

Deuter kid’s backpack

Goal Zero Lighthouse 400

Oakiwear rain suit

Xtratuf rain boots

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