National Park Baby Shower

What’s a more perfect way to celebrate a new adventurer coming into the world than a National Parks themed baby sprinkle?

My aunt and other family members put this amazing shower on for Kaden. That pile of mugs on the right were the party favors (ceramic  camping mug with s’more type makings in the bags and wooden pencils and cutesy adventure notebooks. So fun.

And the big sign was a party favor for Kaden, since it’s going above his crib!

My sister-in-law made this Joshue Tree Cake, which of course tasted great but also…wow! I can barely make basic cupcakes so I was super impressed.

There were so many fun details around my aunt’s home, including camping decorations and pictures of the parks, etc.

The games were even (mostly) National Park Theme!

Oh and of course the people were the best part! Ha. It amazed me with my first baby shower for my daughter, to have so many people show how much they care for a little baby no one’s met yet. I felt that same warm wonder for this shower, including my mom and mother-in-law who flew in! I tend to shy away from asking people for help, for fear of being a burden, yet family and friends continue to show up and support us. Not even just when there’s awesome food and Joshua Tree Cake.

I’m very blessed.




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