Paddling Lake Easton

Paddling at 7 months pregnant is… scrunched. And paddling is all shoulders (you’re supposed to rotate your torso and push through your legs) because rotation just ain’t going to happen. Luckily it was a nice day on a calm lake so a leisurely paddle was just fine.

Because of this discomfort, and having a two year old (you never know when they’re going to decide they’re done kayaking and you need to get to shore before you scare all the fish and birds away, though side note there didn’t seem to be any in Lake Easton that I saw), we stayed near shore on the launch side and didn’t explore if the lake went further under the train bridge we saw.

We did go under the bridges, under I-90, which was noisy (though you can still hear yourself yell to hear echos! Always a favorite activity with a toddler) but had a cool shallow area to explore with lots of interesting logs and plants to look at.

Pro paddling tip… animal crackers apparently get soggy even if they don’t touch the water. Yuck. For some reason this tip hasn’t made it into any kayaking book or magazine that I’ve read, so… now you know.

If you are looking to launch into Lake Easton, by the way, go into the campground area and take a right and the boat launch (with a parking lot) was on the left. It’s a small fee for day use or included with camping (or so someone told us). There’s bathrooms but you have to walk a little ways to the picnic area so don’t wait until last second (especially if pregnant! That was a close one!).

I don’t remember what we entered into Google maps but it was definitely not correct on finding the boat launch… We ended up in some hidden campsite on a private road who politely gave us directions.

After kayaking we picked up firewood from a retired man in the fairly dead town of Easton.

We retaught her about s’mores. Don’t worry, she’s a quick learner!

After a fun day paddling it was nice to relax at our campsite. Especially now that we’re glamping!

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